>Seattle: Banner Dropped in Solidarity with Anti-State Struggles Everywhere


>Remember the 6th of December!

Early this morning, during rush hour traffic, we dropped a banner over highway 99. The banner reads, “POLICE VIOLENCE IS NO ACCIDENT. COPS ARE KILLERS.”

We of course recognize that this is a small, symbolic act. We simply wish to demonstrate that the fires that burn today–the two-year anniversary of the murder of Alexis– in the streets of Greece are fires that burn within us as well. Let’s bring fuel to the flames.

Solidarity with the struggle in Greece today and always.
Solidarity with the American comrade viciously attacked by the thugs of the Delta squad.

Solidarity with Roger Clement on the day of his sentencing.


Solidarity with the Asheville 11 on the occasion of their plea hearing.

For John T. Williams and all victims of the police, locally and everywhere. Against the state and its guard dogs. For anarchy!

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