Genoa, Italy : F. Ferrer Library opening times 2019

From Monday 4th February and subsequently in continuity from Tuesday 19th February the Library will be open again. You’ll find the days and opening times for the year 2019 at the bottom of the page, in the home page of the website ( or by clicking the designated button. 
Updates on the library’s calendar of appointments and initiatives will follow shortly.
The website and database are being updated and adjusted. Something will surely be missing, probably also in the coming months in terms of accessibility/availability; but be patient, we are not experts in the marvels of information technology and hi-tech, we are just self-taught persons.
It will also happen sometimes that we won’t be able to update the ‘news and previews’ section of the website in time, in order to communicate that the Library is to be closed on a given day or that it will have different opening times.

Be patient in this case too. Probably our limited strength will be aimed and engaged elsewhere, in the streets, and in the will and determination to encounter the unknown, as we try to challenge the official narrative of the current times, which they want to be crystalized in some unassailable social peace. 
Finally we remind you once again that it’s possible to fix an appointment for targeted and specific purposes. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
With tenacity we don’t surrender and with awareness we act in the everlasting idea that the only passes at freedom and self-emancipation can be formed and spread by sweeping away all forms of authority and authoritarianism, all the forms of authoritarianism!
Day after day we’ll reject specialism, roles, clichés and stereotypes, separatisms, as we are aware that each one has to put something into it so that someone won’t have to put everything into it!
Freedom for all the anarchists kidnapped and imprisoned in this country’s jails!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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