Sardinia, Italy : Sos sinnos [the signs] of solidarity

Repression against comrades is increasingly taking the characteristics of witch hunts, fascist raids and the 1970s.
First in Turin then in Trentino and Cagliari the claws of the new pacificatory order have tightened on the flesh of our comrades, of those who think it is imperative to take a stance in the face of the current authoritarian, security and exploitative trends.

Undermined, cut or controlled freedoms.
Everyday abuse is beyond any margins of the bearable, hatred of the system is becoming more and more furious, society in its entirety is being manipulated with doses of racism and neo-fascism, minds are being put to the yoke, support to those who have become aware that State order, functional to the logics of capitalist domination, is to be opposed with all means necessary, is being crushed in every possible way.
For us solidarity with the comrades struck by the State’s hatred is an impulse that comes from our hearts, an impulse that goes beyond bars and brings its indelible signs, sos sinnos: caresses, complicities and smiles; we are aware that we have no other choice, no other path or possibility. The embraces, the struggle and freedom.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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