Munich, Germany : Siemens attacked in solidarity with the imprisoned in Turin and Zurich

The first of March 2019, two Siemens vehicles were burnt in east Munich.
Total destruction.

The role of Siemens has already been mentioned in detail in other circumstances.

Against war, borders, domination and exploitation.
Strength and courage to the arrested in Turin and Zurich.

[Translated from German from  Deutschland Indymedia, 09.03.2019]


[1] Various communiqués have already talked about the activities of siemens, which is involved in the technology of control, surveillance and war. One of them claims among others the burning of a Siemens vehicle on December 16 2018 in  Basel,  pointing out that « Throughout its history, of its collaboration with national-socialism to the manufacture of war and control equipment  going through the development of so-called  « smart» technologies, Siemens has always been in the sights of insurgents..
Technological progress is anything but a neutral process but rather the next stage of the history of capitalist expropriation .
Another claims the burning of « wagon of the pigs of Siemens » December 1, 2017 in Leipzig, while a conference of Ministers of the Interior was being held : « […] It was fatal for it to develop monitoring technologies, and in particular to provide them to dictatorships all over the world, but also to support projects in Germany that want to turn cities into Smart Cities. Thus, it also participates in organized surveillance and the advent of technology. […] »

via : Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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