Italy : Anarchist comrade Gioacchino Somma’s final declaration to the court of the trial of ”Scripta Manent” in Turin

Today, two years since the beginning of this trial in which I am accused along with the others, my anarchist comrades, brothers and sisters, and after letting this public prosecutor with an unsurprisingly sick imagination talk, I reiterate all the more forcefully that I am anarchist, individualist and for insurrection.
Having read thousands of pages of court papers written by various Neapolitan and Turin prosecutors, I am now even more convinced that sometimes it’s better to be in judicial trouble than to think the way you do.
I stick closely to my ideas that you don’t like because are for the destruction of everything that has to do with your miserable world.
If it had been up to me, I wouldn’t have been born at all, but others decided for me so I have no other choice than to be in this world my own way.  I shall never belong to the herd that you assign a path for grazing to…
I am different, I prefer to elude paths and go with the wolves.
Guilty or innocent?

No, thanks. I leave this lurid trick to you.
I am anarchist so I will always be your enemy!
I am with my brothers and sisters whom you are now keeping locked up in your State concentration camps.
I stand in solidarity and complicity with Alfredo, Nicola, Alessandro, Danilo, Marco, Anna, Valentina and all the anarchist comrades imprisoned for other inquests all over the world… from South America to Greece!
It won’t be the threat of a sentence hovering on my head to make me take a distance from them.
It hurt not to be able to write to them these past two years, but I had decided not to give any more pearls to the pigs… and let it be clear that the pigs are not my imprisoned brothers and sisters but those who followed me for six years; those who ordered a bug to be placed in my bedroom and those who listened to everything that went on in my bedroom.
Luckily I had covered the eyes of your dear motherfucking ‘Agente Elena’, which still vegetates inside my computer.  I only hope I just gave you ‘wanking’ material and nothing else…
I consider it a compliment to be defined a ‘terrorist’ by a State that through its armed wing kills in its police stations, barracks and prisons; a State that has always been the institutional face of the Mafia, the Camorra, the ‘Ndrangheta and the Sacra Corona Unita, as well as the perpetrator of massacres in the streets, trains, planes and recently has been sinking boats full of people escaping from their homelands because of the wars that the west has brought to their countries.
Well, yes, I want to subvert all this!
As I declared at the beginning of the trial, I claim as mine and only mine the project of Radio Azione on whose website has been published everything that I feel myself to be in affinity, complicity and solidarity.
I claim the texts signed ‘Radio Azione’ as texts written by me, reaffirming that I still think now what I thought at the time. I claim every single word I have said on the radio.
I claim wanting to translate claims of direct actions carried out by anarchist comrades all over the world. Because I am for direct action!
I claim having translated texts of anarchist comrades locked up in the concentration camps all over the world.
I claim having supported, collaborated with and organized initiatives for Croce Nera Anarchica.
I claim always having supported imprisoned comrades including through initiatives aimed at their economic support.
I claim being antiauthoritarian, individualist, for insurrection and the destruction of this lurid and fetid existent and of the State-Capital!
Forever your enemy!
For Anarchy!
Gioacchino Somma
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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