Montevideo, Uruguay: Paint attack on the Italian embassy (25/02/2019)

Solidarity with the comrades in Turin

On the morning of February 7 the police of the city of Turin deployed all their repressive apparatus with the intention of clearing the “Asilo Occupato” Social Centre of the Aurora neighbourhood.
A social centre for more than twenty years in the area, which fought against borders and racism. A horizontal, self-managed space, which fights against social inequality, facing a more and more cruel capitalism.

For these and many other reasons we have to light the spark of solidarity with the comrades who resisted on the roof for over 36 hours.
On Friday February 25 we decided to attack the Italian embassy in Uruguay by throwing paint bombs on its disgusting façade and writing  “Asilo Occupato resiste” on its walls.
For the comrades arrested under the antiterrorist law
Against evictions
For Anarchy
Direct Action

Translated by Act for freedom now!


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