>Strong clashes in Keratea district (11th & 12th December 2010) athens greece






Strong clashes in Keratea district (11th & 12th December 2010)
  The residents of Keratea district have gathered since early Saturday morning
at Ovriokastro in Keratea district opposing against the State’s decision to
build up a garbage storage area on the certain spot. The State has decided to build
up the garbage storage area of the whole Attica’s waste on Ovriokastro, 
despite the fact that the certain spot is officially an archeological site 
(decision of the Central Archeological Council). In the mobilization
of the citizens participate also members of the major council who also provide
the citizens
with the town-hall’s vehicles. Earlier on Saturday, around 5:00, the pigs of
repression forces
arrived at Ovriokastro in order to guard the area, so bulldozes could start
the construction. Hundreds of people started directing on the spot trying
to block the construction.  
The pigs reacted in their usual neo-fascistic methods by throwing tear-gas,
sound-shine grenades and beating up children, youths, men and women,
people in their third age.
The citizens responded with stones, Molotov cocktails, flaming barricades
and woods they
could find around in order to protect themselves and nature. After the straight reaction
of the citizens the pigs stated that they would leave the spot, accepting that their presence
there is illegal. Instead, more pigs started gathering (around 400 of special pigs) but also
more citizens started directing to Ovriokastro. During the clashes, a small fire raised up “accidentally” in the forest because of a tear-gas canister. Later in the
three water canon cop-vehicles started directing also on the spot, while a cop-helicopter
was continuously flying above the mountain. The pigs remained in the area for
the whole night.
  The companies who are involved in the certain construction: 
  On Sunday mourning around 2000 people started directing towards the spot.
The pigs started the war for one more time and the citizens kept on defending
with any weapon they could find around. The clashes keep on during the whole
afternoon with the cops beating up even children and women but also having
a water-canon with them – important to mention that this is the first time
of its use after the fall of the military junta.
Mr. Marinos Aliferis, a journalist, was injured by the pigs’ violence
and had to go to Evaggelismos Hospital. Civil cops have also
switched off for several minutes the live-streaming camera of zougla.gr.  
Meanwhile, flaming barricades 
are set up on Lavriou Avenue and some citizens have also 
sabotaged the electricity supply.  
Also shots from a gun have been heard in afternoon, possibly from citizens 
who shot on the air to make the pigs think twice about their actions.
The guerrilla keeps on until the time that this article is being written
with barricades on several roads, attacks with stones and Molotov cocktails
and body to body fights.
The citizens have made it to keep the pigs stepping
back anytime they were trying to attack. Tones of tear-gas have been thrown
but the people still resist.
Residents from other areas have started directing to the spot 
driving also four bulldozes with them in or
der to protect themselves 

from pigs’ violence. 
The people have announced that they will remain there for the whole night.

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