”Operation Panico”, Italy : News from the hearing of 12th March 2019

Today there the hearing concerning the  consultants for the defence was held. Statements were given by forensic consultants, an explosives expert, and again the prosecutor’s geneticist, with the cross-examination of the defence. In order not to bore anybody we won’t write a detailed summary, but as a matter of fact it went pretty well; the prosecutor didn’t seem to cut a great figure.
In conclusion, the judges decided to examine the experts’ reports with their super partes experts, regarding forensic genetics (probably they will take DNA samples from Ghespe, as this hasn’t been analysed so far), statistic biology (given the perplexities that have emerged in connection with the statistical analysis of data which should not be valid in terms of evidence) and the legal-medical report. So the trial has been rescheduled as follows:
14th March – Official statements by the court/prosecutor/defence experts
4th April – Experts’ statements; prosecutor’s statement on environmental interceptions (which haven’t been submitted yet)
11th April – Prosecutor’s/civil parties’ summing up
12th and 18th April – defence’s summing up
The dates of repetitions and sentencing will be probably fixed at a later time.
Translated by act for freedom now!
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