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11/12/2010 – About what happened at the end of the march against the prison …
After the pain and helplessness at the death of 81 prisoners in an extermination centre because of a fire produced and spread by the undignified conditions in which the State keeps under constant punishment and torture of thousands of exploited people who do not fit into the parametres of civilized society (obey / work / consume). The State and the Gendarmerie are truly responsible for the deaths of prisoners in the jail of San Miguel and all the imprisoned persons tortured and killed behind its bars.
It is for this horrible everyday slaughter that no cop should go unpunished, not that they should be tried and convicted, but because they must be avenged by the thousands of uprooted lives and for many that are they are willing to uproot.
This is how once the march against the prison ended, peacefully, a group moved to another point in the centre of Santiago, where stones, bottles and paving stones attacked a mobile police checkpoint smashing their windows and damaging the car body, from which a stunned official attempted, revolver in hand, to catch their attackers but without success.

“Jails cover up the miseries of this unjust society … the prosecutors, policemen and judges responsible for this slaughter.” Families outside the prison in San Miguel, the day of the fire. From Mexico to Switzerland, from Argentina to Greece, solidarity with all prisoners!
Offenders for assembling bombs in the street!
Revenge against the exploiters and their guardians!

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