Besançon ,France : Smash your city and its promoters! (05/03/2019)

In Besançon like anywhere else, cities are in constant transformation. They’ve never been (and they’re not) neutral places, but are modelled in the image and likeness of the State and capital. They resemble more and more commercial hubs and open prisons, where any deviation from the traced path is harshly punished.
Urban projects are flourishing in all the corners of the city. They are building flat-out in order to create commercial hubs and neighbourhoods that will be inhabited by eco-responsible citizens. Well serviced and fluid (car sharing, public hire bicycles, trams…) and equipped with green spaces, they are proliferating in the suburbs.

Dominion is adapting to the spirit of the times so as to promote its projects, which stink of money and concrete. 
In the cities, control and surveillance are more and more suffocating, cameras and cop patrols proliferate, and street lighting is getting stronger…
In these neighbourhoods targeted by urban planners (with their local urban plans) there abound real estate speculators, slave recruiters, chic vegan bio bars and restaurants, bio and eco stores and shops (with no bags or plastic). One of these is the Neighbourhood of Battant in Besançon.
Therefore, in the night between Monday and Tuesday [4th and 5th March], we smashed all the windows (including the entrance one) of the estate agency Foncia at the crossroad between the riverside Strasbourg and rue du Petit Battant.
Hurray for the anonymous arsonists of the House in the eco neighbourhood of Vaîtes. We hope we’ll see it go up in smoke…
War on the prison-city!
War on the rich!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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