Puglia, Italy : Solidarity with the comrades arrested in Turin and Trento

February 2019
The State attacked anarchists in Turin, evicted Asilo squat and arrested six comrades on charges of terrorist association.
Ten days later in Rovereto and Trento about fifty raids were carried out (disgusting Digos officers went into comrades’ homes while the latter were at the police station, forced a comrade to kneel down and pointed a gun at his head and many other abominations) and another seven comrades were arrested on charges of terrorist association and terrorist offences carried out with deadly or explosive devices. 
Repression strikes again! 
At last the fascist State of 5-star militants and Northern League shit showed its face. The arrested comrades were remanded in custody. Social war is under way.
Anyone is persecuted if they are rebellious and reluctant in the face of this disgusting society of domination, patriarchy, sexism, eco-devastation, energy and technology slavery, concentration camps for migrants, prisons, borders, exploitation, racism. 

That’s why anarchists are being struck. As they don’t tolerate any form of abomination, they can’t stay put, inactive, silent. Explosions of anger and joy against the disgusting world can’t be accepted by power, which wants us all to be docile and asleep. They wanted to tear us apart from our comrades through police violence, by imprisoning, controlling each one’s lives with bugs and cameras, shadowing, restrictive measures and all sorts of harassment. They achieved the opposite, so much solidarity, a constant presence of comrades in the streets with their hearts in flames to fight against militarization, to unmask a clownish mayor, to express themselves in clerks’ offices, squares, outside prisons, outside the concentration camps called CPRs, against a pig minister who sows hatred, violence and racism.
Freedom is precious and must be defended.
To react to domination is fundamental, taking our lives back.
They wanted to split us up, they united us.
They can’t take our smiles away.
Solidarity with Beppe, Antonio,Niccolò, Giada, Silvia, Larry, Sasha, Rupert, Stecco, Agnese, Nico, Poza, Giulio and all anarchist prisoners.
Freedom for those arrested.
Terrorist is the State. 
Long life to the comrades.
Masseria Autogestita Foresta
via: roundrobin.info
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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