Milan, Italy: “Thought and Dynamite” reading group – discussion on the issues of Negazine

As part of the experience of the “Pensiero e Dinamite” reading group we would like to address the themes and issues that have emerged from reading the numbers of “Negazine”, a publication written by anarchists, at the next encounter on Friday 12th April. Our intention is to discover and develop ideas, themes, reflections and availability in view of a possible in-depth meeting with those who wrote the magazine. The effort intends to seek a different way of building presentation and discussion initiatives of texts produced by the anarchist movement and to overturn the often stale mechanism of the “offer” by a place or group of a pre-configured theme to which then all are invited to participate, who can only decide whether they are interested or not. Instead we would like to try to bring about among the comrades who desire it a discussion on the subject that can already look into the ideas and themes that will then be developed in a possible later meeting with those who gave life to them in writing the texts that were the basis of the discussion.
For this reason we are inviting comrades interested to the next encounter of the reading group “Thought and Dynamite”:
 Discussion on the points offered by reading the numbers of the periodical written by anarchists: NEGAZINE
FRIDAY APRIL 12 at 8pm at the ACCERCHIATA [Encircled A] (aperitif from 7pm)
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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