Italy : An agitated afternoon in Cremona

6th April 2019
Yesterday afternoon a comrade from Cremona was stopped by three police cars and two Digos officers outside a fascist’s home. In recent days the latter had made a show for some provocations.
The cops tried to take the comrade away and meantime he was thrown to the ground when he refused to get into one of the police cars. A melee ensued, during which the window of one of the shits in uniform’s cars was smashed. The cops also used pepper spray against someone already in handcuffs. As the comrade was being taken away, a solidarity gathering formed outside the police station in Cremona so as not to leave the arrested comrade alone.

In the evening the lawyer told us that the comrade had been remanded in custody for resistance, damage, bodily harm, transport of dangerous objects and threats. In the evening, warm-hearted greetings to the prisoners in Cremona prison broke the monotony of that place of torture, in the hope that the arrested comrade would hear from inside.
Today, Saturday, our comrade was taken for a summary trial. Outside the court a solidarity gathering repeated that it’s right to oppose fascists and police. The judge ordered another hearing to be held on Wednesday 10th April. This will be another occasion to show some solidarity to Tommy, who is to remain in jail at least until the next hearing.
For us it makes no sense to just look on indignantly at the slaughters carried out by the Bull of the Interior Salvini, continuing from the failed cop Minniti [the interior minister before Salvini], the dead in the Mediterranean sea, the functioning of State concentration camps called CPRs, the inept nazi congresses held in Verona and the racial hatred showed by some in Torre Maura. For this all our solidarity and complicity go to Tommy. Our hearts are with you.
We know these are hard times for those who want to overturn the world, but our passion for freedom is stronger than any form of authority.
More police car windows smashed!
Free Tommy! Free all!

Kavarna, 6th April 2019
Translated by act for freedom now!

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