Italy : Women’s AS2 section: from Rome-Rebibbia to L’Aquila

This morning those who had arrived to visit at the women’s section of Rebibbia prison experienced in first person the moments of dismay and anger retold many times by those who, after travelling hundreds of kilometres in order to see their son, partner, father, etc. in prison… were told: ‘The prisoner is not here due to transfer’. ‘Transferred where?’ This morning the guards of Rebibbia replied: ‘To L’Aquila’.
So we learned that first the one, then the other, then the third, all the three female anarchist comrades imprisoned in AS2 of Rebibbia were missing. And presumably all three were destined to L’Aquila prison.

We got confirmation a few hours later because Silvia managed to see her lawyer in the prison of destination, and so could confirm that: from this morning she, Anna and Agnese are in the AS2 unit of this prison [L’Aquila], which was instituted about 2 years ago and where, we don’t know since when, a woman is already imprisoned on charges relating to so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’; they are in single cells; the mail of all three is under censorship.  
As they had only been there for a few hours, the comrade couldn’t say precisely what the prison conditions they will have to endure in this structure are like, that is to say sociality and exercise yard, access to library, gym, etc., if there are any there.
What we can say for sure is that the atmosphere in a prison where 95% of the prisoners are serving sentences or pre-trial detention under the 41bis regime can only be very hard.
We have said why we consider 41bis to be torture elsewhere. It is up to all of us to engage in the face of the isolation which, precisely due to the nature of this structure, the guards (G.O.M.) and the Prison Administration will try to inflict on the comrades by default.
To write to them:
Agnese Trentin
Silvia Ruggeri
Anna Beniamino
Via Amiternina 3
Località Costarelle di Preturo
67100  L’Aquila
Rome, 6th April 2019
Rete Evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now!

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