Terragnolo (Trentino), Italy : Fire to a relay antenna in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists

We see from the local papers that a telephone and television relay was burned in Terragnolo, in the Potrich area of Trentino, on April 16 at around 22.00. Tags « In solidarity with the anarchists in prison, against videoconferencing (which replaces transfers to court) and blocking of post » and « the spirit continues » were found at the spot.
Of the four incendiary bottles used, only the one against the cables would have caught, the other three placed inside the electrical transformers having fizzled out “due to lack of oxygen” according to the carabinieri carrying out the investigation. It was a neighbour who noticed the flames from the road that called the fire fighters, who arrived too late to prevent many of the cables from being burned. This site is also among those selected to experiment with 5G in the area.
Technicians managed to restore the television during the night, but the mobile telephony remained extremely disturbed.
Freedom for all,
fire to the prisons!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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