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Out theory: communication through practice. Attack
In ‘The autism of the insurgents’ , among other things, Alfredo Cospito analyses the question of theoretical education through the texts of claims. It’s not a phenomenon of recent times that texts refer to other actions (https://chronik.blackblogs.org/?p=9086) . They have often written and still write, even if in a limited way, about more theoretical than practical aspects. The link between theory and practice is a problem which hasn’t lost importance in recent years and which we still face today. Why then not solve the apparent conflict between theory and practice once and for all? Why not realize the idea of taking communication through deeds to the extreme? Why not to transmit theory through texts and claims linked to continuing practice?

That is to say, theory as practice, so as to make sure that it is those who practice who carry out discussion on practice, and not some intellectuals who never tire of elaborating ideas and proposals which are never followed by any action.
In 2019 and in the current social war, the ‘university’ institution is what better represents the intellectuals far from all this and now sold to the ever-present necessity of democratic and ‘pacific’ reforms. For the prologue to the discourse ‘theory as practice’ we chose the Humboldt-Universität Institute of social sciences in Berlin, a place of production of knowledge, as a target. In the night of 27th to 28th March we destroyed the windows of the ivory tower of the university elite, in order to make clear once again that the social struggle takes place in the streets and not in lecture halls.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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