Italy : Relentlessly, For Anarchy! Posters for the April 20 gathering in Florence

On 9th May the sentence against 20 comrades accused of organized crime and carrying out anonymous attacks on fascist meeting places will be pronounced at the end of a trial in Florence. [The sentencing has been postponed to 22nd June]. Three of these comrades, Paska Giova and Ghespe, have been held in jail for some time, and besides other accusations they have been charged with transporting, fabrication and possession of explosive material and attempted murder, following the wounding of a bomb disposal expert who handled an explosive device placed outside a fascist joint in the night of 31st December 2016 without any precautions. They have not been spared provocations and violence in prison in response to their constant conflictual attitude.
In Trento and Turin, two repressive operations led to the eviction of the Asilo Squat and12 people arrested, to put an end to the struggles they were involved in. After the arrests and eviction we took to the streets to respond to the blows of repression and take spaces to express our anger with force. Now the Scripta Manent trial, where more than twenty years’ history of anarchism are being put under investigation, is also coming to an end, with requests for heavy sentences. In all these cases, intimidation and repression also continue against those who express solidarity with the anarchist practices and individualities on trial and in jail. 

Anarchist dreams and practices, possibilities and realities are the usual thorn in the side. In Italy and anywhere else, the State is trying to sweep away anyone who continues to oppose its projects, so that it can pave the way for yet another authoritarian turn. 
We are living in times when more and more people are undergoing daily oppression in racist, patriarchal and totalitarian forms as they are blackmailed with prison, risk being locked up in detention centres for migrants, be deported, die at the workplace or during compulsory mental health treatment or a raid, unable to find the means to get away from a violent situation, living their gender and sexuality in marginalized conditions if they don’t conform to the norm, and much more. According to the State’s logic, in order to maintain order and look after the constant development of the techno-industrial and coercive apparatus, it is necessary, among other things, to bury those who have always struggled against those responsible for all this with years in jail.  
As it puts its system of power to work, the State has to isolate practices of self-determination, struggle, solidarity and attack because they undermine the very idea of its existence, its claim of total control, because the State needs to ward off the possibility of self-organization and the possibility to recognize one’s own enemies, so that any form of social war for the subversion of the system of domination and the possibility to be part of the latter cannot take shape. The State is trying to contain an anti-social conflictuality that doesn’t give up in the face of the reappearance of fascist groups tolerated by alienated society or the imposition of a technological and military security model in defence of showroom-cities. It’s trying to present the existence and actions of those who are accused of practices of attack and those who support them in a way designed to make their reasons invisible. 
Our lives and practices belong to us, and so do our differences and tensions. They are part of our history and experience, they are not weakness but potentiality. They won’t see us in their theatre, we won’t follow their deadlines, but we’ll give ourselves our own times and methods. We won’t hang off the words of an already-written sentence or a democratic guarantee with which today the lives of those who have no place in this world are being crushed, making its well-being and privileges stronger and stronger. 
In Florence on 20th April we will continue to be in a city where anarchist critique has always existed, affirming that they can’t get rid of us and claiming practices of attack and solidarity with all the imprisoned and investigated anarchists as our own. 
Inferno Urbano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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