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Report and updates on the comrades who were stopped on 29th March in Rondissone, near Turin, and arrested for ‘transport of explosive material in a public place’.
At the moment all four arrested are under house arrest with maximum restrictions, that is to say they can’t see or talk to anyone other than their family or partners.  
They spent 5 nights in prison (Le Vallette) because in the car they were in 7 firecrackers were found, which the court papers describe as being of ‘lethal force’ and so on. Basically, the comrades are considered socially dangerous for this reason, hence the measure of house arrest.

On Thursday 11th April there was a ballistic examination of the content of the firecrackers aimed at demonstrating that the latter are ‘illegal’ objects, f4 category, so forbidden to anyone without permission. At the moment there’s no news of the result of the examination.
There are numerous irregularities in this story from a judicial point of view, which the defence lawyer has denounced. In fact, the comrades were arrested on Friday night and on Monday morning at the hearing to validate the arrests the prosecutor asked for their remand in custody whereas the investigating judge didn’t validate the arrests and responded to the prosecutor’s request with house arrest. 
The comrades should have got out of jail on Monday, but  were kept inside until Wednesday and only released after the guarantee questioning, which took place after the time limit had expired, that is to say beyond the limit allowed by the law itself. Moreover, on two occasions the defence lawyer had no access to the papers and couldn’t examine the proceedings until Wednesday morning.
Then the 4 comrades were escorted in a prison armoured vehicle, which took them to one of their homes between Padua and Vicenza.
A couple of considerations with a cold mind. 
This affair has absurd aspects and it wasn’t easy to understand what was going on, even the comrades didn’t know. In the past they would have been stopped and then released at the end of the demonstration, or they would have been arrested and released on the Monday morning with a summary trial, as often happens in this kind of situation.
The current atmosphere is certainly very heavy and repression is a daily occurrence for those who struggle, as shown by the demonstration on the 30th in Turin and other arrests and preventive arrests.
To keep up this atmosphere of tension it is functional to break down the massive solidarity that formed around Asilo and the comrades recently arrested. So it’s not surprising that in this context 4 comrades stopped the day before the demo, even before they reached the city, were arrested with all the consequences.
An appeal was submitted to the court of review, which is to decide about house arrest in 20 days.
For the rest, the comrades are doing well and the experience in prison allowed them to have the support of people they met there.
More updates and contributions to follow.
Those who struggle are never alone!

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