Athens, Greece : Breaking the sword of capital hanging over Exarcheia

The current situation of inundation, exhaustion & fear
The beginning of any counter insurgency from state and capital includes prolonged low intensity attacks. Exarcheia knows full well what this looks like and has with much success resisted it in the past. At the current moment, with capital in a worldwide state of hyper crisis, this mania throws everything it can towards areas that cannot be managed for profit generation. Our neighborhood is not only one of these areas but also the lighthouse that inspires others to fight for them and seek its refuge.
It only takes a pair of functioning eyes to see less women on the streets of Exarcheia. No theory or explanation necessary, these (disastrous) changes are right in front of us. As foreign people who came to Exarcheia prior to this current crisis many first remark how amazing it is to see so many women out. Where we come from this is never the case. It does not take some mythical “new” man with a clean past unaffected by patriarchal society to see it. It’s here and for those that notice it, we are filled with intense anger.
The patriarchal attack comes along with other elemental attacks from emergent conservatism. Whether it includes racism, mafia control or rejection of self organization it is all due to the general inundation and embedded counter insurgency. Exarcheia is not alone, but it may have the best chance to fight and within that fight a victory may be seen by many across the earth as a slice of hope.
Making way for efficiency, the logic of the state
Who can solve the crises of racism, sexism and mafia? We know the creeping answer from the liberal intelligentsia. If you haven’t heard that rebellion creates “problems for the oppressed from the privileged,”it’s coming. As it always does, the middle class seeking their own comfort use the identity of others to shield themselves. Out of fear or self interest they attack self organization in favor of efficiency. Speaking out in support of the oppressed while whispering to the states henchman that the time for security is now.
How does manic capital squeeze the last drop of profit out of it’s own neighborhoods? Efficiency. Turning every slice of public space into potential profit. No matter how small, every thing needs to be commodified. Many anarchists believe this is more of the same, it is in fact new. The state of capitalism itself is in crisis due to an inability to create mass profit. The sword is turned inward at us.
Igniting the Potential Supernova
You cannot have any piece of uncontrollable real estate within a capital efficient city. It all has to be going as planned. Exarcheia is the ignition, in some ways the flame just needs to last till the next economic disaster. In other ways action is needed now to stop serious degradation. But never assume the monolith cannot be slayed. The new 2007 around the corner guarantees it can and if we outlast it, the potential for anarchy is infinite. The stakes are high.
We advocate a declaration of war on their investment. The fight against efficiency is the fight against Airbnb, Mafia Control,Police Encroachment, Liberalism and the general chewing up of public space. For us, we see weakness in foreign investment and destruction of neighborhoods for the “sharing economy.” There is not one place on the planet that could cause more problems for these vultures than Exarcheia and Athens. Cause enough problems and the ignition is set.
Against Predictable Revolt
When do the troubles start and end? The question no developer, yuppie, tourist, hipster or exploiter should be able to answer.To safeguard rebellion neighborhoods must become unsafe for law and order as a prerequisite. For this to be realized, not only the henchmen but the charitable representatives must be opposed. The ideals of the state and it’s Orwellian repression rides in on the back of the MAT officer as much as the progressive, hip pseudo culture. The neo-hippies. Or rather, the enemy. Law and order is society and vice versa.
Many already face exile or homelessness.
And for some this is the difference between freedom and prison.
For Exarcheia it is a question of existence.
3/22 6 PM Exarcheia Square
3/29 6 PM Exarcheia Square
~ Et & Anonymous International Anarchists

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