Salento, Italy : They’re back?

‘Pipe walks’. That’s the name given to excursions that some are organizing to show others the TAP gas pipeline’s trajectory through Salento to a depressurization plant, and from there to the national Snam branch running a further 55 kilometres.
One of these walks was even organized on Easter Monday. So, after a ritual interview with a local TV the Healthy Bearer of Scientific News led a bunch of Would-be Knowers of the Truth over the TAP site. They passed right by a farm where an Easter Monday picnic was taking place, explaining, presumably with appropriate and polished terms from the heights of their scientific knowledge, that the fence in front of them delimited the site where the iron pipe would be for the gas to run through.

As soon as the excursionists returned someone went to check with their own eyes and found that there was indeed a fence, but only up to a point… Yes, because after a few hundred metres the fence had been torn from the ground, and not only ripped out, you could see that it had also been trashed, cut, rendered useless for several hundred metres on either side of the site. In short, a nice surprise, also pleasing to the eye which from a certain point could travel freely over meadows of daisies without an ugly iron structure obstructing the view. 
A thought comes to mind. Could it be that there’s someone else around going for pipe walks, but with far nobler and more practical intentions? After all, it wouldn’t be a bad idea: there are kilometres and kilometres of ground in the process of being turned into the site, and with the good weather so many people around wanting to go for walks in the countryside. It would only take a few basic tools, a pinch of imagination and wanting to have some fun…
The first phase of the struggle against the TAP exactly two years ago comes to the mind, when fantastic creatures of the countryside went out at night, locked the security guards in the sites, dismantled fences, erected barricades, lay in ambush… There, it is to them that our thoughts fly again, to these playful mischievous beings, always ready to ride a rainbow or pull horses’ tails.
Perhaps they’re back?
Translated by act for freedom now!
via: tiltap.

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