Trento,Italy: Presentation of Let’s take the city



Saturday 4th May, 3pm, Parco San Pio X (between Via Vittorio Veneto and Via Matteotti) – Trento
Presentation of
Let’s take the city. A story like this should never end. It tells of squatted houses, violent evictions, escapes from the rooftops
(La Barricata, Milan, March 2019)
In 1971, dozens of families interned in ‘eviction centres’ or confined in the dormitory neighbourhoods of Milan and province, with the support of comrades, led to a series of occupations of buildings built with workers’ money and left empty. An experience that was to involve the University of Architecture – where an hitherto unheard of permanent seminar on the housing problem was held with the evicted people invited to talk… – which began to criticize in practice the divisions on which capitalist everyday life is based. From factories to houses, from canteens to clinics, from the asylum to self-defence against the police, ‘let’s take the city’ was a cry of joy, sharing, revolution…
We’ll talk with the editors of the book, some of them participated in the experience in first person
At the end of the discussion: projection of a documentary
Sasha, Agnese, Stecco, Poza, Nico, Rupert, Giulio free now!
Those who struggle will never be alone!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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