Santiago , Chile: Fair of the anti-prison memory, remembering comrade Mauricio Morales 

Fiera of anti-prison memory, remembering comrade Mauricio Morales 
Comrades, we invite you to participate in the Fiera of anti-prison memory to remember Mauricio Morales and the 81 prisoners murdered by the State next Sunday, May 5, from 16:00, in front of San Miguel prison [in Santiago de Chile]. 

Remembering an anarchist comrade who fought against all cages and the prison society up to the last day of his life, right in front of the prison where the State and the Gendarmerie killed 81 prisoners on December 8th 2010 has a meaning and a special value. 
We are claiming a historical memory of combat full of experiences that challenge domination, in every possible scenario and at any time; the drawing on the poster was the cover of bulletin number 4 (1998) of the publication “Libelo” done by the Kamina Libre collective in the High Security prison.
The callout is to meet in front of the prison, a space of memory that the families of the murdered prisoners are taking month after month, with determination, feeding a flame that never extinguishes. 
We invite you to bring your propaganda exhibitions with anti-authoritarian material or self-productions, to continue to spread the black menace. During the day there will be vegan food, information about the prisoners and some comrades will share some music. 

Our memory is black, 
our heart too. 

Anti-authoritarian library “Sacco and Vanzetti” 

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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