>Letter of the 2 imprisoned in Avlona prisons for the Nadir case in saloniki greece



On saturday 4th of December with the upcoming demonstration that would take place for the two years since the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the anarchist squat NADIR is raided and evicted by the cops who arrested all individuals found inside the building. At the same time our own cinematographic arrest also takes place where one of the three of us gets punched by an undercover cop, afterwards we were led to GADTH (thessaloniki police headquarters) where 9 hours later, one was let free while to us is announced a heavy serie of charges, that is based on the testimony of a cop that claims that he recognized us transporting the stolen items.
Since then, we are detained in Avlona prisons. We consider this action as an attack of power that has as a target the intimidation and the split of comrades making a show of force, showing its teeth to any threat that could dispute him. In this case the long expected december with an epicentre the programmed demonstrations on the 6th of the month. Also a decisive role in this attack was played by the always willing Media that aim to divert, to manipulate and to disorientate the common opinion exploiting their state and technocratic possibility. In this case not only they try to connect us with the robberies in the A.U.T. (aristotitle university of thessaloniki) but also with the arrest of the persecuted comrades in Athens.
Having taken a specific position, in the social war between the insurgents and power, our thoughts and actions are not going to stop even behind the walls of prisons as political enemies of the regime in captivity. We always knew that we might be accused and be jailed for our ideas as many other comrades before us for the struggle that we are devoted to and consciously selected.
The revolution comes into NOW and lasts FOREVER

Solidarity to all political prisoners

Freedom to all of us !!

Letter of the 2 prisoners for the NADIR case

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