Germany ,Berlin: OUR THEORY: communication through PRACTICE. Attack 2

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OUR THEORY: communication through PRACTICE. Attack 2

… The battles against Amazon or Google sites: Rightfully, attacks against the infrastructure of the almost daily mentioned „technological attack“ are carried out with a certain regularity. Often the criticism is directed against the always as more extensive percieved surveillance that seems to prevent us increasingly from becoming rebellious.
To counter this, the nightly action becomes a litte more thoughtful, secret or even technically sophisticated each time. In the claims of responsabilty it is written for the thousandth time why it is legitimate to attack x,y,z, or why an event a has now been followed by action b, as we also did in the first part of this series (Out theory: communication through practice. Attack 1).

Logically. Just rarely appropriate, since it is difficult to comment on the horrors of this world in form of actions.
Maybe be it‘s even dangerous. Because among other things, surveillance is based on logic. On probabilities and their analysis, e.g. for the planning of police patrols. On the evaluation of never-ending data, that make everything slightly more predictable each time. The security organs can usually imagine what targets might come into question if a squat had been evicted shortly before. They might know to keep a better eye on their cars when one of their henchmen beats up someone in front of a camera again. And also the campaigns on certain topics bring the potential targets into the focus of both the insurgents and defenders of the existing.
Nevertheless, because it is not question of replacing justified and effective forms of action and because we share many convictions in terms of both content and strategy and advocate the continuity of topic-specific actions, we have as a contribution to the militant campaign against the players of suppression in the night from 9th to 10th May 2019 set on fire a car of WISAG in the Rathausstraße in Berlin-Lichtenberg. „[…] the security company Wisag is involved in the expulsion of homeless people in the Rummelsburger Bucht in favour of Padovicz‘s investments there“ wrote some companions ( and provided an explanation to which we initially have nothing to add except that they are also responsible for controls in Berlin public transports.

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