Athens, Exarcheia :  Narcomafia, Airbnb & Counterinsurgency – continuing the discussion.

Narcomafia, Airbnb & Counterinsurgency – continuing the discussion
We do not want to dwell on the points already discussed. Most of the space agrees with and recognizes the main issues. More important is the question of what can be done. This Summer will see increasing tourism, Airbnb use and “customers” heading to the square. We have the ability to disrupt this transaction.
Friday nights around 1030-11pm is prime time to disrupt this trade and tourism in the area. Our presence in the square and streets with slogans, occupation and direct action is enough. Consistent, weekly Summer action will impede customers on the square and make tourists rethink their museum.
As for the divisions among the space, there are many of us as individuals willing to come together. We suggest this course of action to put forth a clear path.
No more toleration for authoritarian “management” of the public space of Exarcheia. Not one more incident of any kind against the anarchist movement by the para state. If it takes making the square intolerable for anyone other than anarchists than so be it. We are fed up.
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