Zurich, Switzerland: Pre-trial detention of the comrade has been extended

The preventative detention of the comrade arrested on 29 January 2019 was extended for another three months early in May. Apart from that, his situation has not changed. He is still imprisoned in Zurich Prison and the law continues to justify his preventive detention with ‘risk of going on the run’ and ‘connivance’ until the investigation is closed.
Mail can still be sent to the comrade through the anarchist library “Fermento”. In a letter made public, the comrade wrote about what interests him in particular: “I look forward to getting news and analyses of what is happening in the world, anarchist publications (to be sent in appropriate envelopes), also of course letters from comrades and friends.

I understand German, French, Italian. English and a little Spanish and Turkish. Of course, the prosecution also participates in reading what is sent to me.”
Anarchistische Bibliothek Fermento
Zweierstrasse 42
8004 Zürich
PS: Please specify what should be sent on to him or not.
[Translated from German of  Aus dem Herzen der Festung, 16.05.2019]
Translated from the French by Act for freedom now!

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