Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds (Loire), France : Fire at Eurovia

Le Progrès / Tuesday May 14 2019

Fire broke out within the Eurovia company [a company that belongs to the infamous Vinci group] in Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds during Monday to Tuesday night at around 2.45am. Several fire-fighters of the barracks of the Saint Etienne agglomeration converged at the chemin de Littes. When they arrived, four trucks, two excavators and several utility vehicles in the company car park had already been destroyed by the flames. Rescuers had to deploy three fire hoses to prevent the fire spreading to the administrative building.
Police have opened an investigation: the arson thesis is that favoured by the investigators. In fact, three separate ignition points were identified. The damage would amount to almost a million euros. Technical unemployment is expected, as well as delays in work in progress on the site.
According to Radio Scoop, “eight vehicles caught fire […]. In particular, trucks for transporting rubble were damaged down the street. Higher up, an excavator, a flatbed truck and a vacuum truck were also burned. Finally, near the company buildings, two utility vehicles were damaged.”
via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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