Florence, Italy : Like Paganini: I don’t repeat!*

I stood there, stacked like a pylon in the concrete, in that once-shadowy city of brigands, bandits and adventures now gleaming with shop windows and filthy rich. 
Let’s face it, my life was a deadly bore: I repeated, repeated, repeated! 
And so, one beautiful night almost a week ago, I decided to quit, lighting myself up. 
Taking as an example the many that have preceded me far and wide around the world, I committed suicide, to reaffirm my freedom from the yoke of the compulsion to repeat!
Thanks to the firelighter and petrol for helping me out! 
A warm (the appropriate word!) hug to those who chooses to follow my example! 
Repeaters of the world unite … in a huge bonfire!

I dedicate my suicide to all the investigated and those arrested anarchists in Italy and the world! 
A strong embrace of life to the comrade Anahi Salcedo and a strong embrace of death to her torturers 
With Punky Mauri in memory and in the heart
[*An Italian saying for refusing to repeat a gesture deriving from composer and violinist Paganini’s refusal in 1825 to do an encore for the King and being expelled from the country for two years as a result.]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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