Rome, Italy: For a Subversive May (07/05/2019)

Despite the fact that our action is usually driven by the need to overcome the frustration and sense of powerlessness that this system of oppression would force us into, this time some thoughts have been buzzing around in our heads and we would like to communicate them. We realized that going around lighting up the night with targeted fires is a practice that is spreading. 
Specific objectives such as vehicles of companies involved in projects of dominion (such as wars, the construction of detention centres, forced repatriations, etc.), technological network infrastructures (such as laboratories, antenna repeaters, fibre optic exchanges and companies that manage them or collaborate with them) are being attacked more frequently and with simple and easily available means. 

This, along with their spreading throughout the country and in the metropolises favours the reproducibility of actions against them. In particular, we have seen more and more attacks on the Enjoy car-sharing vehicles owned by ENI, an Italian multinational which, with the support of the Italian State, has been ravaging territories and looting resources for decades. So, to strengthen this front in the ongoing social war, on the night of May 7th we left combustible material and related primers on 6 cars, ignited them and went away. Anarchist attacks and sabotage are actually little more than sparks in the dark, but when they converge on the same target or concentrate within a specific time or place, the show can be exciting, as well as cause a few more headaches for the defenders and foragers of this system. 
For example in the case of the recent campaign against Poste Italiane, which collaborated in the repatriation of undesirables by the well-off Europeans, through its subsidiary company Mistral Air. The incessant attacks in various forms forced Poste Italiane to put an end to its collaboration with the State and issue an official statement in which it stated in black and white that it would no longer carry out repatriations.  Another example that direct action if well aimed and contextualized can be effective. 
This is our invitation to remind ourselves more often and not limit ourselves to sporadic though spectacular flashes in the dark; let’s listen to the way the wind is blowing and to the proposals of specific campaigns of attack, set fire to the nights of the “best of worlds” with constancy and determination, make visible the ongoing social war that power seeks to render invisible at all costs and that otherwise would live only in the heads of subversives and on their internet sites.
We join the call for an International Subversive May in solidarity with the comrades affected by the repression in Italy. 
Let so many fires light up chasing one another until the whole prairie is ablaze!
Solidarity with the comrades who have been dealt harsh first-degree sentences for the “Scripta Manent” trial … Vengeance !!! 
Solidarity with the imprisoned / investigated / for the operations “Panico, Renata, Scintilla”, to the comrades arrested in Madrid, to Stefano and Marco arrested in Paris. 
Lastly a thought to comrade Mauricio Morales ten years after his death. 
For Anarchy
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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