Brescia, Italy: 22 May, Arrested anarchist comrade Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez and Updates from Canton Mombello prison in Brescia, 24 May, and 27 of May 2019:

Yesterday, 22 May [2019], comrade Juan was arrested. He was a fugitive from time. Two houses have been searched in the province of Brescia and also two other houses of parents of two comrades in the Brescia hinterland were serached. We expects the validation of the arrest for one of the people stopped, accused of personal abetting (art. 378 of the Italian criminal code). The mode in the first two homes is the usual of recent times: balaclavas, etc.. Updates will follow.
The actual address of Juan:
Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez
C. C. di Canton Mombello
via Spalto S. Marco 20
25100 Brescia
Today, 24/5//19 the detained comrade was transferred to Canton Mombello and placed in solitary confinement as Juan a fugitive anarchist comrade arrested 22 May, 2019. The aggravating circumstance of “aiding the abduction of the execution of the sentence” is charged to the companion. The lawyer was able to meet the comrades and found them strong and determined. We await the sentence of the judge who should arrive tomorrow and we await to see the free comrades soon.

All free immediately.
Further updates coming soon.
Italy: Updates from Brescia
Monday, May 27 [2019] the wife of the comrade incarcerated because he was accused of aiding and abetting was taken from the house of her parents to carry out a second search in the house of residence; reworked all the places like May 22, the date of the first search [and the arrest of Juan and the comrade accused of “aiding and abetting” the fugitive comrade].
Once again, about twenty Digos (“Division for general investigations and special operations”, in fact the political police) with balaclavas and accompanied by the forensic police were looking for a jacket and a computer not found during the first search. Recognizing that four different homes were searched on Saturday, May 25, attributable to “affections” of our imprisoned comrade, always with weapons in hand and balaclavas.
Waiting for the court of review it’s confirmed the prison to avoid contacts with the comrades in solidarity and because he isn’t considered “able to respect house arrest”.
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