Florence , Italy : Ghespe is also on hunger strike

 We learn that the anarchist comrade Salvatore Vespertino (known as Ghespe) has been on hunger strike since May 30, in solidarity with comrades Anna Beniamino and Silvia Ruggeri, locked up in the prison of L’Aquila (Anna and Silvia declared the hunger strike on the 29th May, against the conditions and restrictions to which they are forced in the AS2 section of the prison where they are located).
Ghespe was arrested on 3 August 2017 in the context of a repressive operation that saw eight comrades arrested and the eviction of La Riottosa anarchist occupation in Florence. Together with two other anarchist prisoners (Giovanni and Paska) he is accused of having carried out the explosive attack against the fascist bookstore “Il Bargello” on 1 January 2017, in which a police blaster was seriously injured.

They are all charged in the trial for the “Panico” repressive operation, which also includes the facts of which they are accused (for the crimes of “attempted murder”, transport of explosive material, “criminal association”, and others), whose ruling is expected in July 2019.
Revolutionary solidarity with Anna, Silvia and Ghespe!
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

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