Italy: News from courts and prisons

Boba, after being transferred to the prison of Saluzzo, has now been released. The custodial measures in prison have been substituted with those of house arrest with all restrictions, Boba cannot get visits, nor can he make phone calls or write letters.
Meanwhile, within the walls, the strikers’ front has widened. Stecco and Alfredo locked up at Ferrara, Ghespe and Giovanni from the prison of Solliciano and Marco held at Alessandria have gone on hunger strike in solidarity with Silvia and Anna. For their transfer, for the closure of section As2 of L’Aquila.
macerie @ June 2, 2019
A day in solidarity with Silvia and Anna
Silvia and Anna have decided to no longer accept the conditions of section As2 of the prison of L’Aquila. They are on hunger strike since May 29. They want to be transferred, they want the closure of the section, that it no longer be a place of imprisonment, neither for them nor anyone else. Another five imprisoned comrades have joined them, Ghespe, Stecco, Giovanni, Alfredo and Marco have been refusing food for days.
To us, here outside, the task of supporting this challenge against the prison system, against the differentiation that aims at annihilating the collective strength which prisoners could express.
Let’s meet in the street on Friday June 7.
In Turin. At 10 o’clock outside the regional board of the Penitentiary Administration in corso Belgio 14. At 6pm in piazza Castello.
macerie @ June 4, 2019
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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