Chile: Comrade Tamara Sol Farias Vergara has been refused ‘conditional liberty’ [release on bail]

Comrade Tamara Sol has already served about 5 and a half years since she was arrested on 21st January 2014 after shooting a security guard. Sol was sentenced to 7 years and 61 days in prison.
After being held in several of the country’s prisons, Sol is now in the prison of Valdivia, where she tried to get ‘conditional liberty’, a measure that was systematically denied last month in spite of the fact that she has served more than half the sentence inflicted on her.
The comrade is one of the people that have been struck by ‘Decree Law 321’ [of the Chilean State], recently introduced to make prisoners’ situations more difficult, also to be applied retroactively for those who could already submit a claim for ‘conditional liberty’, as in Tamara Sol’s case.
Total abolition of Decree Law 321!
Our comrades with us in the streets!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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