Bergamo, Italy – 7/6/2019: Presentation of the book I giustizieri [the avengers] at info space ‘La Piralide’

Bergamo, 7/6/2019: Presentation of the book I giustizieri [the avengers] at the info space ‘La Piralide’
7:30pm: Food
8:30: Presentation of the book
Info Space ‘La Piralide’, via del Galgario 11/13, Bergamo.
* * *
From Giovanni Passannante to Gaetano Bresci, twenty years of individual and class revenge. Not only a chronological and encyclopaedic collection of anarchist attacks on the lives of the tyrants who terrorized in governments at the end of the nineteenth century, but also a necessary study on the economic, social and political context of Italy after the unification, with also an outlook on 1894 in France. An armed hand war declared by a minority of exploited on the liberal State.

The very State that had no scruples in torturing, incarcerating, banning, cannon shooting, and above all defending a society where millions of peasants often lived in a condition below surviving and in the big cities workers were literally consumed in the rising capitalist machine. Well before the advent of fascism, the highly praised Unity of Italy was founded on the blood of the majority of the population.
Exploitation to death and brutal repression are not the exclusive prerogative of a totalitarian State or of an exceptional phase of political life, but they are the foundations of this damned country and of all forms of government. We’d like this book not to remain on shelves getting dusty, a fetish to be collected in the pantheon of professional or amateurish historians. Let the actions of these untameable comrades enlighten even more, with their example, the path of those who don’t resign to the current status quo.
Edizioni Monte Bove, 2018
248 pages
One copy: 10 euros; for distributors: 6 euros per copy
Translated by act for freedom now!

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