Chile – Issue 31 of anarchist bulletin ‘La Bomba’ is out 

Inferno Urbano
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
 ‘… you must be as fast as the wind; advance slowly, majestic like the forest; in incursions and in plundering, similar to fire; if you are a prisoner, indestructible like mountains. Incredible like clouds, move like lightning.’
In a world made up of appearances it is easy to hide behind words. Many of those who speak vehemently against the world would not actually put their own wellbeing at risk; they prefer to be furtive; they prefer to remain silent; they prefer to deceive themselves with a posting on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else that their egos are applauded.
It is important to realize what is happening around us. Open our eyes, free oneself from the chains that imprison our minds, warm our hearts and seek what can really liberate us in the midst of plastic images and falsity; the actions of those who have an ancestral link with all the rebels, subversives and revolutionaries… because it is a question of those who really want to put an end to this world of misery and exploitation, and those who don’t, even if they spend their days talking politics…

The State and capital want to alienate us and keep us isolated; but an act of revolt, a small crack in the established order is enough to realize that there are many warriors in the streets who make plans and attack, conspiring and pursuing the historical enemy of the oppressed class.
It is easy to set up ‘social’ activities, but difficult to put what has been decided into practice; the same goes for political violence. When direct action blocks itself, fertile ground is built for the State to strike more easily, even using our violence to its own advantage. There are no precise formulas for attack, but there is the infinity of experiences of our brothers throughout time and space, and these are lessons from which we must draw inspiration and learning, in order to make our rebel activity progress.
We should not underestimate our enemy. In this sense the State is very skilled in recuperating violent and subversive actions to its own advantage. Power is composed of all the intellectuals who talk, the powerful, the repentant, the cowards intoxicated by their comfort. In short, all those who talk about the idea but don’t really want rebellion.
It is important to know that there are comrades prepared for action, seeking complicities and answers to the problems posed by insurrection. It is a precious thing to recognize one another in the streets, not in a virtual dialogue or pseudo-revolutionary sharing. In the streets, or in a barricade, in a revolt or in a meeting that promotes direct actions. The motivation and courage of our brothers who struggle against oppression, moving everything to the concrete level of actions, feelings and hatred of a world that resembles a prison.
Today, while funds are being collected to rebuild a cathedral, thousands of people in the world are suffering hunger and war; while the State, strengthened by the very laws it enforces, persecutes rebels: it storms their homes, represses and imprisons them.
What do you want to do, then? Palestine, Africa, Mexico, Wallmapu, the prisoners: they don’t need beautiful rebel words; they need us to act!!!
We must attack. We must destroy all the structures of power and all those who make this force that supports the State and capital possible. We must make hatred of this obscene world of prisons explode everywhere. But not falling into bourgeois irresponsibility. Let’s learn to recognize our strength, skills and weaknesses. Let’s learn to know our enemy, and with intelligence and cunning, strike it where it is weakest.
Violent action against the order of the rich and powerful is not entertainment post-modern style. It is not XXI century romanticism; because in that there is a lack of conviction. Where there is conviction our participation adds up, our minds get strong, and there is not a prison or army that can bend our desire to see fire devour the State, capital, the prisons and patriarchy.
Because the powerful will never give up their power the good way. Because they are the ones who have the weapons. Because they have brought death and misery into this world. Because they are murderers. And that is why they must disappear.
Do you still hesitate to attack?
Fraternal greetings to all the comrades struggling against oppression; from Rojava to Greece; from Haiti to the high schools of Santiago.
Editors of the Bulletin ‘La Bomba’
April 2019
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