Chili : No to law 321

Publicacion Refractario /24 mai 2019
The reform, retroactive, of Law 321, is trying to force detainees to serve two-thirds of their sentence before they can have access to parole, whereas until now they were asked to have done half of it. In the same way, the favourable opinion of a psycho-social report carried out by the Gendarmerie is obligatorily required [in Chile, the gendarmerie is the body of the screws and has military status; NdAtt.], Which makes it even harder to get out of prison, in a country where only the poor end up in jail and where the 95% of the convictions are for offences against private property.

At the moment, thousands of prisoners are mobilizing in various prisons of the country [by the way, some groups of prisoners have since ended their hunger strike; NdAtt.]. For us who criticize and reject the prison system and can see further than the fascist discourse constantly repeated by the media, for we who know that the problem is not the inmate but a system based on the control, punishment and repression of all those who disturb the bourgeoisie and its minions, to remain indifferent is simply not possible.
Because liberation has always been achieved by fighting!
For the repeal of the retroactive reform of Law 321 and all laws !
For the destruction of prisons, until total liberation!

via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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