Italy : some news of solidarity actions and Updates on the hunger strike.

13/6/2019, Updates on the hunger strike of the imprisoned comrades
Latest update: Ghespe ended the hunger strike on Monday June 10, while Giovanni Ghezzi ended it at the end of last week. Both are well.
Alfredo Cospito, in Ferrara prison, has lost about 11 kilos. Being overweight before, he is not unwell but is still losing a lot of weight.
Stecco (Luca Dolce), the comrade also imprisoned in the prison of Ferrara, has lost 9 kilos.
The lawyer who visited Marco Bisesti, in the prison of Alessandria, reported that the comrade has lost 9 kilos, which is a lot given what he weighed before.
They don’t intend to give up until the comrades Anna and Silvia stop.
The comrade Anna Beniamino, in the prison of l’Aquila, has lost a few more kilos since last Wednesday’s visit.
None of these comrades is taking sugar. For Alfredo, he says that it is not a question of principle but for health reasons as sugar could be harmful to him, but he points out that as soon as he starts to be unwell he will start taking some.
On the other hand, a few days ago there was news that Ghespe (Salvatore Vespertino) on the seventh day of hunger strike in the prison of Florence-Sollicciano, had lost five kilos (thereby reaching 59) but that despite the physical fatigue, he is well and is determined to continue.
The situation is starting to get serious.
Everyone is asking about other comrades on hunger strike.
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Genoa: 7 June – Gathering in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners on hunger strike
Friday June 7 from 18:30 gathering outside the Marassi prison in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike.
Silvia e Anna have decided to no longer accept the conditions of the section As2 in the prison of L’Aquila. They have been on hunger strike since May 29. They want to be transferred, they want the section closed, that it no longer be a place of imprisonment for them or anyone else. They have been joined by another six imprisoned comrades: for days Ghespe, Stecco, Giovanni, Alfredo, Leo and Marco have started to refuse food.

To us, out here, the task of supporting this challenge against the prison system, against the differentiation that annihilates the force that prisoners could express.
Meet outside Marassi prison from 18:30
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Actions in solidarity with Anna and Silvia on hunger strike
Foligno – Two post office vehicles damaged in solidarity with Anna and Silvia
Foligno 5-6-2019
Tyres slashed and powder in the tanks of 5 Italian post office vehicles. In solidarity with
Anna and Silvia.
While the town was militarised for Salvini’s visit someone struck elsewhere
Trento – Street blocked in solidarity with Silvia and Anna on hunger strike
Wednesday May 29th a group of comrades blocked one of the streets in the centre of Trento with a steel cable and barbed wire. In solidarity with Silvia and Anna who that day had gone on hunger strike. Leaflets were thrown, megaphone talks and writings on a Vodafone store and a Deutsche Bank branch. A banner was left saying: “From Lybia to prisons: no to the concentration camp society”
Below, the text of the leaflet.
“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?“
Winston thought. “By making him suffer”, he said.
“Exactly…. Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation…. Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. ”  George Orwell 1984.
In Italy the State tortures. We are not just talking about the brutalities committed by the police in the various barracks and prisons. There is more.
In this country there is a special prison regime called 41bis. It is mainly intended for those accused of mafia crimes and “terrorism”. 41bis means almost total isolation, being locked in a cell 22 hours a day, not being able to see anyone or at most one or two people during the hour of air, censorship and limitation of mail, books and newspapers, only being able to see loved ones through glass. A form of “white” legalized torture. This infamous regime is justified as being a way to sever links between the prisoner and the organization of which they are a member. False. From cameras to microphones, to dense spying networks, the State has all the means to keep everyone’s life under control today, even “outside”, let alone in the prisons. Special prisons have a completely different purpose: to bend the prisoner’s individuality and push them to collaborate. Torture, precisely. The many that refuse to speak and send someone else inside in their place, do so at a very high price.
The State has been trying to extend the torture of special imprisonment further and further for at least twenty years. This logic corresponds to the recent assignment of various imprisoned anarchists to High Surveillance sections located within 41bis prisons, such as L’Aquila, Opera [Milan] and Tolmezzo. The proximity with structures and guards “programmed” for special prisons means that 41bis restrictions also spread to the other sections. This is the case of, among others, Silvia and Anna, two anarchists who have been detained in the new AS section of L’Aquila since April, experiencing the beginning of the “new course”: armoured door always closed, bed welded to the ground, maximum 4 books and 7 items of clothing in the cell, checks with metal detector on leaving or entering the cell, going to and returning from socializing, to the shower and from the yard, mail stuck for months, disciplinary reports for trifles (turning off electric light alone, taking a ballpoint pen out of the cell …). So on May 29 these comrades decided to go on hunger strike: to be transferred and so that AS section be closed forever.
These are dark times. Between deaths at sea and camps for migrants, between license to kill for law enforcement and security decrees that promise years and years of prison for those who wear a helmet to a demonstration, launch a smoke bomb or block a road, more and more people are also being promised the torture of isolation: a “prison within the prison” rendered complete through video conferencing (made possible by the collaboration of TIM-Telecom). Tough measures against rebels is coupled with the persecution of the poorest who are hunted down by the police on the streets and often sent to behind the barbed wire of the Libyan camps financed by “our” governments. What will we oppose to this progression of suffering?
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Giovanni’s declaration on starting hunger strike
I began a hunger strike on May 30 2019 in solidarity with the comrades locked up in section AS2 in the prison of L’Aquila, Silvia e Anna, where for months they have been living a particularly restrictive prison condition, or a kind of softened 41bis.
– For the comrades’ transfer and closure of A.S. 2 in L’Aquila!
– Against 41 bis!
For a world without prisons!
For freedom!
Giovanni Ghezzi
from the prison of Florence-Sollicciano.
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Comunique of Leonardo, on hunger strike in solidarity with Anna and Silvia
From the prison of Lucca
Alongside Anna and Silvia, who from the AS2 section in the prison of L’Aquila are on hunger strike in protest against the prison conditions. Beyond a warm embrace that passes through two barred windows, I am expressing my solidarity with three days on hunger strike starting on June 2.
When the body pulsates, when one puts one’s freedom on the line, when the jail is confronted head held high, when the eyes fill with blood, when, inside and out, one feels an immense passionate desire for freedom…
When the heart still beats.
For anarchy.
Leonardo L.
Prison of Lucca
May 2019
Transated by Act for freedom now!

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