Germany , Berlin :  WITH OUR BODIES – Solidarity communique for Anna and Silvia

Anna and Silvia’s story is like that of many other prisoners living under conditions of extreme physical and mental privation of freedom: for over two months they have been locked up in the high security section (As2) of the prison of L’Aquila by a State that is taking revenge for all the acts and words of rebellion of thousands of comrades.
But their story has now turned into something different. Since May 29 Anna and Silvia have decided to go on hunger strike, extreme act of revolt in a prison regime that does not allow any other voice.

Anna and Silvia have decided to use their bodies to denounce yet again the acts of extreme torture that are being carried out in the Italian prisons. Because if prison is a structurally repressive system, the As2 and 41bis are the most vulgar and inhuman expressions of it, with extreme privations in time and space, where it is all too easy to forget that one is still alive.
The comrades have therefore decided to shout out loud that they are there, they exist and are resisting, in spite of the fact that the State is trying to kill them every day in a thousand ways.
And their voices resound beyond the walls of that prison to reach beyond all borders, to remind us that the privation of their freedom concerns all of us and that it is up to us to give their voices resonance.
We with them want to scream loudly that we are there in that cell, without food and dignity, we are all there.
Solidarity knows no borders, solidarity does not stop.

With Anna and Silvia in our heart, and with the comrades Stecco, Alfredo, Marco,
Giovanni, Ghespe and Leo, on hunger strike to support them.

Anarchist comrades from Berlin
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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