Madrid, Spain: Sabotage of BiciMad electric bikes in solidarity

Dozens of electric bikes of the BiciMad company sabotaged during the month of May.
Dozens of electric bikes of the BiciMad company were sabotaged in the centre of Madrid throughout the whole month of May. Not much to it, by cutting the electric cable the bike is put out of use. Sabotage against the structure of the city is quite simple.

The pacified, ordered, commodified, big data city of control, raids, the smart-city, city of exploitation and misery, the city as centre of accumulation of power… is vulnerable! Its infrastructures and transport networks also!
Whoever governs, the struggle continues!
Alive to the comrades affected by the latest antiterrorist operation against anarchism in Madrid!
Strength and courage to Anna, Silvia, Salvatore, Giovanni, Alfredo, Marco, Luca and Leonardo, on hunger strike in various Italian prisons!
via: sansattendre.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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