Sardinia, Italy: Anarchist Maddalena from Uta prison on a hunger strike from 10 to 12 June

From a letter dated 6/6 2019 written by anarchist comrade Maddalena Calore from Uta prison (arrived yesterday, June 14, at the Cassa AntiRepressione delle Alpi occidentali):
“… I too send a hug to Anna and Silvia with a hunger strike that I will undertake on June 10th, 11th and 12th, in solidarity with the protest that the comrades are carrying out for the conditions of detention to which they are subjected.
Against differentiated regimes and each a form of isolation!
A heartfelt all rebels everywhere, with those who seek to maintain their dignity and for those who strive for true freedom!
Greetings to all the comrades.
An embrace for freedom.

via: insuscettibile di ravvedimento

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