Italy: News from the prison of L’Aquila, 20/6/2019

Anna and Silvia [on hunger strike since May 29] are both well.
Today the prison governor returned to the section and informed the comrades that she
had put pressure on the DAP in order for the situation to change.
Unfortunately, precisely today Natasha was transferred to L’Aquila from Rebibbia prison in Rome.

The comrades report that they heard loud banging on the bars today again. They started hearing it last Monday, after news of the hunger strike came out on the regional TV; they also heard it yesterday lunch time, and again today.
We will only get confirmation of what is going on inside the prison after the next visits.
Further updates to follow soon.
Meanwhile we invite everybody to come to the gathering outside
the prison of L’Aquila, on Sunday June 23 at 15.00.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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