Leipzig, Germany: Eurovia-Vinci Construction Vehicle Torched in Solidarity with Anna and Sylvia

We hate prisons, many of our comrades are held in them, some are tortured, and prisons are at the heart of enforcing the established order. Vinci builds prisons, this vehicle belonged to them, so we wanted to set it on fire. So the train of thought that led to the destruction of the road construction vehicle on June 24 was actually quite simple.
We could also present this matter in a slightly different way: We live in a world where it is too complicated to be able to say clearly what is connected to what. As such, the people repairing the road would be working for some subsidiary of the Vinci corporate network, one of the largest construction companies in the world. They have nothing to do with prisons. The road construction vehicle was probably not used for the construction of prisons. Are despicable activities by one part of a huge company enough to strike at every other part of this company? Why torch this specific vehicle instead of going to a prison site and attacking there?

The established order directs us daily, at school, at work, as citizens, to submit to gender stereotypes and so on. It is very creative and open-minded in the choice of its means. This State attack against humans is continuous. Thus, the State and its henchmen deserve to be attacked all the time and in multiple ways. The complexity and concealment of power does not stop us from striking back when and where it suits us.
Lots of strength to the anarchists Anna and Sylvia, who are on hunger strike in L’Aquila prison to fight for an end to isolation in the 41bis regime.
Freedom for all prisoners!
Source: https://de.indymedia.org/node/34124
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