Greece, Athens : Responsibility Claim for Arson Attack on nazis Golden Dawn Offices by Durutti Brigade

The following is from the responsibility claim for an arson attack on the Golden Dawn offices in Menidi, Greece on May 23 by the Durutti Brigade.

In the center of Menidi, at dawn on Thursday, May 23, we climbed a staircase to the first floor of the building housing the local offices of the Golden Dawn, breaking one of the windows and surrounding the interior with several liters of gasoline. By firing them we wanted to re-send the mice to their holes and to deprive them of another structure from their increasingly shrunk list.
In the center of Menidi, on March 4, 2014, the locals opened the doors for the first time. In the years that followed, its members and executives tried to build a nationalist base that would capitalize on the Party’s electoral successes in Western Attica. From the Menidian Nazi-fascist den, they organized and coordinated attacks on migrant workers and the world of struggle; the reasons for the poverty of “criminality” were written and the capitalism and the bourgeois policy were condemned for the tribulations and pain they cause in its neighborhoods.
It is important to look and study the way in which the fascist-Nazi model of the Golden Dawn, in recent years, attempts to shield the material structures where their offices, halls or shops are housed.
The forces of antifascism have found that their offices have now become “impregnable fortresses,” fenced with ironwork that exceeds two meters, with perimeter barbed wire at any access point, photocells, cameras, thick railings on doors and windows.
This is the basis of this situation and the anti-fascist radical movement is organized. It studies the changes in fortification, vulnerabilities, the best possible conditions that can be hit by the target, always taking into account the geographical landscape where we should try and the particularities it has for the business planning.
Our goal was to cause extensive damage to the ATHEX offices in Menidi. We knew that an arson attack on the front door or elsewhere would obviously symbolically represent another dynamic movement against fascism. Nonetheless, it was politically considered necessary to attempt the full destruction of the offices. As a result of this need, a staircase design was included in order to go to the offices where they were housed on a raised first floor. In order to overcome the fortification and the shielding around it, it was considered necessary to cut the rails in the windows to find a passage, eventually breaking the window glazing.
If reference is made to part of the operational plan it is to make it clear that depending on the circumstances and the environment, the forces of the antifascist warfare must widen their resourcefulness and update their “armory” in order to put the seemingly impenetrable fortresses of the fascists out of operation. Any security and fortification conditions are not capable of providing security to their structures from the moment we organize, carefully plan and operate with determination. Once again, this energy as well as a plethora of former anti-fascist action against the mechanism of the Golden Dawn prove a single thing: that through study, precise planning, determination and commitment to our class duty we can defeat them.
Because these offices constituted the grounding of the ATHEX policy in the particular characteristics of the area, we chose to hit this mouse and contribute to weakening one of the few remaining dynamic kernels. The ongoing attacks on migrant workers in the region, the action of the mass media in Menidi with their involvement in the anti-Roma pogrom in 2017, but also the publicly declared anti-labor policy of the Golden Dawn were some of the pieces of the mosaic that set our action against them.
In recent years, with more tension than in 2016, ongoing murderous attacks of fascists against migrant workers in the municipalities of Acharnon and Fili are taking place. With knives, punches and woods, organized groups of fascists target migrants who work 12 hours for a few euros, set them up and attack them either inside their home or at work, such as in the Upper Libyan People’s Market or on the way home in their workplace and vice versa, or even on the routes of the Lower Patissia-Menidi line (755) where in June 2017 groups of fascists attacked anyone who thought they was a drug addict or immigrant.
The AMEs (Unaligned Meanders Nationalists) by pressing on the ground that had been set up by the public interventions of the Golden Dawn in the region, escalated their activity in Menidi in June 2017, after the 11-year-old Marius’s unjust murder from a stray bullet, launching racist attacks against the Roma. Taking responsibility for molotov attacks in Roma homes, they uploaded photos on their blog with swastikas and racist slogans accompanied by their texts that said “the fighters of the organization are for the sixth day and fight side by side with the heroic inhabitants of Menidi.”
By studying history, we find that folk justice has come only when grassroots self-defense and resistance factions were formed to deny the white terrorism, the violence and the terrorism of the capitalist regime in dignity.
The popular combat forces are marking their way. With their own forces, they are the only ones that can strengthen the conflict against the capitalist regime and its organs. And it is clear that in order to strengthen and increase the popular and revolutionary forces that promote conflict with the regime, they must make concrete struggles against subordination, fear and the defeat that endeavors to enforce the hostile camp. They have to realize that the parliamentary road to overthrow capitalism is a fraud.
“We may not be acquainted with each other, but we are joining together dreams, common struggles, common ways of creating life, feeling that we move in the same time, in the same space, tuned in the same step towards the emancipatory dream. ” -D. Koufontinas
We dedicate the arson attack on the offices of the Golden Dawn to the unprejudiced revolutionary D. Koufontinas, integrating our movement into the broader multilateral solidarity movement that has been developing lately in support of our comrade on the occasion of the hunger strike that the SYRIZA government, the opposition, judges and prosecutors and the known embassies (US, England, Turkey) who intervened and controlled the country’s emergencies, urged him to start.
Comrade Dimitris chose the upward road of conflict with the capitalist regime, placing all his existence in the camp of fighting resistance and social revolution. He placed his soul as a rebel, his body as a hunger striker, the transmissibility of his experience to the next generations through his books.
The regime is now redeeming him for his life imprisonment in the dungeons of bourgeois democracy.
November 17, the “crime” has made the red thread of resistance appear again, inspired by popular resistance to the conquerors and their associates, inspired by the thousands of fighters who breathed their last breath in the EAT-EAW detention facilities, prisons and the glorious gate of the Polytechnic.
Today, the anti-fascist fighting movement, which is mainly expressed by the anarchist world, has done much by using all forms of struggle and the means of struggle. The limited political life of fascists throughout Greece and the shrinking of their electoral percentages in the European elections are also the result of the aggressive policy of the anti-fascist movement against the fascist threat through the constant rotation of “legitimate” and illegal forms of struggle.
The shrinking of their electoral rates and their temporary inability to re-establish the military arm of their actions does not naturally imply complacency and relaxation for the anti-fascist movement.
Taking into account the parliamentary defeat and shrinking of their percentages, they will remain what they have always been: the battalion of the right wing and the statist capitalist system against the anarchist and communist threat.
Durruti Brigade
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