Lecce, Italy – 11th June 2019: 47 denounced following episodes of struggle against the TAP gas pipeline

In recent days we got news of yet another ‘maxi-denunciation’ concerning the struggle against TAP. This time 47 people were charged with a string of accusations which typically strike self-determined demonstrations. A spectacular accusation, which relates to important days of struggle occurring between December 2017 and June 2018.
Pointless to dwell upon the specific crimes being attributed, as we said before they are typical of demonstrations.
Rather, it is important to highlight how dribbled-out repression – consisting of continuous denunciations, controls, prompt expulsion orders and media criminalization – goes well beyond the intention of stopping the opposition to a gas pipeline. TAP is a dirty business thanks to which the police are using repressive means in order to rage on the life of anyone who wants to express any form of dissent against authority’s abuse and injustice.  Each small echo, each small step towards liberation is criminalized.

In this sense, the media uproar unleashed by petty local newspapers increased the criminalizing effect on those who struggle against the TAP, as names, surnames, addresses and ages of all 47 denounced were splashed all over their pages. We are mainly referring to the news agencies Quotidiano di Puglia, Corriere Salentino and LecceNews24, whose disgusting job we won’t forget:  sentencing us to the stocks before the courts even began to operate.
So far TAP has only brought trouble, devastation and cops everywhere, we have said and demonstrated this on many occasions.
To the journalists engaged in preparing mega scoops with names and surnames, using police and magistrates’ archives, you are just disgusting people with no dignity.
Enemies of TAP and militarization
Translated by act for freedom now!
via: roundrobin.info

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