Albi, France – A note about a fire 

In a light night rain yellowed by the city lights, a glass building, offices lit up.
Some individuals enter an enclosed area.
The parking.
With a series of tense steps striving to be fast, they burn a good number of ENEDIS vehicles.
Scattered explosions amidst twisted iron, a quick withdrawal into the soaking wheat.

The flames at work, the bad weather is suspended.
Note: according to the media, in the night of Tuesday 11th June, ten vehicles were set on fire in Albi, in the local parking area of ENEDIS (an electricity company in France, a branch of Électricité de France).
 The damage is alleged to be 400,000 euros, mainly because of the fire on a lorry with a suspended platform, allowing intervention on high voltage lines, a costly item, one of the few available. The one set on fire had been used recently for repairs in the Bordeaux area following a storm that struck the French Atlantic coast. The press mentioned other fires against ENEDIS parking areas such as those in Foix in December and Limoges in October last year and that in Grenoble in May 2017. 
Posted on 15th June 2019 by Attaque
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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