Turin, Italy – 2/07/2019: Solidarity presence in court

‘Those who struggle are never alone’
On 2nd July 2019 hearings for two different trials will be held in Turin, including that concerning Silvia (arrested on 7th February following operation ‘Scintilla’) and Leonardo (arrested on 26th February following a residual sentence relating to a robbery initially included in operation ‘Ardesia’, 2007).
Solidarity presence at the hearings on 2nd July. Gathering at 8:30am outside the Palace of Justice, Turin.
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Those who struggle are never alone
On Tuesday 2nd July there will be two hearings concerning trials against anarchist comrades. The one relates to resistance to an eviction in a popular neighbourhood in Turin, the other one a skirmish with a plain clothes carabiniere during an antifascist gathering in Pinerolo. Among those on trial are Silvia and Leo, whom the State is already holding in prison due to other vicissitudes. They both shared, along with other anarchists locked up in the prisons of Florence, Ferrara, Cagliari and Alessandria, a hunger strike started by Silvia and Anna to demand the closing down of the AS2 unit of the prison of L’Aquila, where they are locked up along with Natascia, another anarchist comrade, also on hunger strike and transferred there a week ago.

In spite of the almost total silence imposed by the media, a strong mobilization of solidarity in support of the protest has gone beyond the prison walls. It is necessary for the mobilization to continue, for us to take every chance to make felt our support of the determination shown by the imprisoned comrades. This struggle doesn’t only concern the comrades locked up in that unit but is part of a wider opposition to a world increasingly under lock and key, a leap to not bow our heads in the face of generalized repressive rigidity.
In this sense the situation in the prison of L’Aquila is exemplary: a prison mainly destined to detention under article 41bis, ‘harsh imprisonment’ par excellence, where the conditions endured by the comrades on hunger strike are in fact those of 41bis in a ‘lighter’ version, completely arbitrary in respect to the conditions envisaged by High Security. The same can be said of the use of videoconferencing in trials, which in recent years has become a consolidated practice extended to trials of all levels, a practice that denies those on trial being physically present in court. Precisely due the imposition of videoconferencing, we can’t be sure that Leo will be present in court on 2nd July, while Silvia is very likely to be able to be there this time.
Let’s make it clear yet again: those who struggle will never be alone!
Solidarity presence in court at the hearings on 2nd July! 8:30am outside the Palace of Justice – Turin
Cassa Antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali [Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps]
via: insuscettibile di ravvedimento
Translated by act for freedom now!

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