France – A recycling skip immolates itself just before summer

Call to yellow skips for a flaming summer 2019
On the 16th of this month [June], like every Sunday evening, I went out carrying a load of waste from this world of shit (eco-responsible, as they say).
Inspired by other yellow ones in revolt and in a final attempt to free myself, I approached some construction machinery in the yard of the future eco-neighbourhood just before sacrificing myself with fire.
I took a while to burn because of the heavy rainfall of the previous hours, but a little more fuel made me happy.

I ended up burning and causing damage to the machinery of a small local firm that is working on the mega-project of the ‘Vauban’ [1] eco-neighbourhood.
Summer is coming, many of my brothers are just waiting to burn. And sometimes they need a little help.
It doesn’t take much, especially when the weather is hot and dry, a simple tissue is enough to pass an evening in flames.
I wanted to contribute to the social war, I’m determined, against the rich and the State.
Job centres, town halls, banks, prefectures, police stations, eco-neighbourhoods…
There are so many things to burn along our path to freedom!
[1] Note by ‘Attaque’: This communique doesn’t mention the place where the fire occurred, but after a quick internet search you see that the Vauban eco-neighbourhood is a project of the city of Besançon.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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