Athens,Greece : If voting could change the system, it would be illegal

We are a self-organized anarchist collective of immigrants, who started our activities in athens a few weeks ago as a new collective, generally we are struggling in greece for about 3 years.
Yesterday, 8 July, we put posters on walls of exarchia area to show our opinion on the slavery political game which the regime calls: “election”
In our opinion, even if bourgeois democracy counts the votes, in the best condition you choose with what kind knife to be killed!
In fact, voters are like sheep who choose with what kind of knife to be killed; in our opinion: if voting could change the system it would make it illegal for us.
what you have as right to vote is not freedom to choose your future but it is legitimizing the slavery that the system imposes on you.
Our opinion for real change is not voting or being a reformist inside the system, in our opinion real change can only happen when the molotovs in our hands burn the cops in streets. In our opinion if from today the immigrants take guns in their hands and armed struggling in streets, real change for our situation will happen, not Leftists getting power as a government; bosses are bosses, no matter left or right!
#Cops #Mafia #Fascista 
Self-organized Anarchist collective of immigrants

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