Cremona, Italy – Solidarity with Anna and Silvia

‘We won’t be eating of your bread – Solidarity with Anna, Silvia and Nat on hunger strike’
Flying banner in Galleria XXV Aprile, and on the ground many leaflets in solidarity with Anna, Silvia and all the anarchists locked up in jail and struck by the repression. 
Yesterday [28/6] Anna and Silvia, along with Nat, all locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of L’Aquila, ended their hunger strike after 31 days. At the moment Marco and Alfredo are still on hunger strike in AS2 units in Alessandria and Ferrara. With Tommy and all the prisoners struggling against the torture of segregation, the struggle goes on.
Against a world of cages, we won’t be eating of your bread!
Notes: End of hunger strike communique
Translated by act for freedom now!

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