Florence, Italy: Towards the end of the “Panico” trial

 The week of final hearings of the “Panico” trial ended today. On Monday 15th and half of Tuesday 16th the final part of the trial phase took place; on the prosecution side, the treatment of the last tranche of expert interceptions of wiretapping, environmental and by telephone; by the defense, some objections have been raised regarding the interference of the prosecution expert in the court expert’s activities (that is: the main interception with which they accused Paska was first transcribed differently from the court expert, then corrected after prosecution pressures to bring it back to the “original”). Then a defense witness was heard about the broken foot of Ghespe in the period around 2017 New Year.
On Tuesday afternoon there was the indictment of the prosecutors and of the civil parties, and these are quite useless to comment on, they have given the worst of themselves. The requests for the 28 defendants were rather high, as was expected. The heads of indictment for each remained unchanged with respect to the closure of the investigation.

The four accused of the 2017 New Year events: 10 years for Ghespe and Nicola (the latter burdened, as well as the 416, that is the crime of “criminal association”, even a protest outside Sollicciano prison in August 2017), 10 and a half years for Paska (also included in the “association” since November 2016), 11 years for Giova (also accused of having become “head of the association” since January 2017).
For the other two grotesquely called “heads” of the criminal association the requests are of 6 and 4 years of prison.
For another eight defendants in the criminal association the requests are between 2 and 3 years, for the remaining two instead they are 4 and 7 years.
For the remaining 13 defendants for various specifics outside the criminal association, the requests range from 15 days in prison to one and a half years. Overall, the prosecutors asked for 86 years in prison.
As for the civil parties, Mario Vece (the policeman blaster) asked for the realistic figure of 2 million euros; the Siulp police union demanded 100,000 euros, “Il Bargello” fascist bookshop and Casapound (fascist party) 10,000 each. Among the civil parties there were also the ministry of the interior, of the defense and a passer-by of the demonstration of April 25th (2016), but we don’t remember what they asked for what interests us.
The days of Wednesday and Thursday were devoted to the harangues of the three defense lawyers and, in the final measure, one of the prosecutors was heard again on Thursday for an idle reply.
Monday 22nd was confirmed as the last act of the first degree of the trial. The hearing starts at 9:30, there will be defense counter-arguments. Then the judges will retire to the council chamber and at some point in the day they will issue the sentence.
Giova, Ghespe and Paska will be present in the courtroom that day, as they were for these last hearings, and they appreciate the presence of the comrades in the courtroom. Our main thought goes to them, still locked up with all the restrictions. Strength!
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